Saturday, May 6, 2017

Teaching Portfolio for Interviews

I always show up at a job interview with resumes and my (informal) portfolio.  It's a bit like a scrapbook of my teaching career and classroom environment.  I've heard that it's common in our extremely large district for candidates to show up to an interview with nothing, so I'd love to show you a quick glimpse of something fun and easy that makes me stand out and be remembered when I go to an interview.  At the beginning of the interview, I introduce my portfolio and invite principals or others in the interview to look through it at their leisure.  On panel interviews, some may browse through it during the interview, but I've also left it with principals and they've returned it to me when they come to observe a lesson.

Portfolio Binder 
I bought my most recent binder a few years ago at Office Depot.  It's attractive, has pockets to hold additional resumes if needed, and my Office Depot page protectors fit perfectly.  Within the portfolio, each page is kept in a page protector.
My resume includes the following sections:
⇒ Teaching Experience
    = Past teaching positions
⇒ Classroom Achievements
    = Curriculum and assessments used, unique programs or traditions
⇒ Key Contributions
    = Leadership positions, school clubs, special assignments, grants received
⇒ Education
    = College degrees, post-graduate credits, additional endorsements

Classroom Snapshot
⇒ Newsletter Sample
I put a few recent samples of my weekly newsletter.
⇒ Classroom
Here, I like to show some of our classroom anchor charts, book boxes, activities, a few letters from students and families and anything else that shows my classroom environment.
Each section has a cover page
A few notes from parents and classroom observers

Professional Development 
⇒ Conferences, Trainings, Clubs
A bit more detailed than my resume, school clubs/teams, additional curriculum training
⇒ Presentations
Trainings, Presentations, Staff Development, Performances
⇒ Teaching licenses, Certificates
A few important highlights

Recommendations and Evaluations

⇒ Recommendations from principals, superintendents, colleagues, and literacy strategists
⇒ Most current evaluation

I've used this format for my two most recent interviews and I was hired both times!!  😊  It doesn't take long to put together and it may be the difference for you at your next interview!  If you have any questions, leave me a comment or e-mail me at