Monday, October 3, 2016

Be Passionate...about many things!

I'm working on a Word Work activity post, but still need to get some good pictures of my kiddos in action.  So, since I had a fantastic time at the Route 91 Harvest Festival this weekend, it got me to thinking about some of the things I'm passionate about in my life, besides teaching 1st grade.

I say it all the time....if your ONLY passion/obsession is teaching and you don't have any fun/exciting/relaxing things to do outside of teaching, chances are you will be grouchy, burnt out, and not much fun to be around!  That's not good for you, your students, or anyone else! 

As far as for being at home and relaxing, I'm all about my family and my pets.  But I have other interests that I make time for, too!!
Daddy and Betty at obedience school graduation!
Spencer and Princess Leia letting me know they are out of food!
My biggest passion is my Oregon Duck football team...even though we are currently having some trying times, I love to get together with family and watch them every weekend, travel to games when we can, and go on some big trips to our bowl games.  Going to two National Championship games, multiple Rose Bowls, and other road trips have been some of the most fun times and greatest memories of my life.  I am so glad I didn't let things like, "I can't spend the money" or "I can't miss a day of school" hold me back from these amazing adventures...trips like these make me a better teacher because I'm refreshed, happy, and can share my passion for things with my students
when I get back!
Cheering on our Ducks at the 2015 Rose Bowl  
Sisters at the 2011 BCS National Championship Game

This weekend, I attended my second Route 91 Harvest Festival here in Las Vegas.  Last year, we got to see Keith Urban, Florida Georgia Line, and more...immediately after, I started making my plans for this year and hoping/praying/wishing Luke Bryan would be there...and then, a few months later, he was announced as the Sunday night headliner!!!  So excited!!!  He played all of my favorite songs and I got to jump around and sing my heart out.  No voice today!  This year, in addition to Luke, we saw Toby Keith, Brad Paisley, Dustin Lynch, Little Big Town, and more!  If you love country music, I highly recommend coming out for this one.  It's in a huge lot, right on the fabulous Las Vegas Strip.  Three days and nights of great music (of course), lots of carnival/fair type food, drinks, vendors, and 25,000 country music lovers!
2016 Route 91 Harvest Festival
Luke Bryan!!!!!!
 So, here's to teaching, pets, family, football, great country music, and being passionate about life!