Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Teacher Emergency Baskets!

We've started a "Welcoming New Teachers" Group at my school for both brand new teachers and teachers who are new to our school.  You can read more about the start of that group here:  Welcoming New Teachers  And, I'm always open for more ideas for our meetings if you have a great mentoring program in place at your school!
For our first meeting a few weeks ago, I made each teacher a "Teacher Emergency Basket" Starter Kit.  This basket included deodorant, hairspray, Advil, thank you cards, lotion, hand sanitizer, toothbrush and toothpaste, q-tips, dental floss, Kleenex, and cough drops.  I thought it would be a great start and they can add to it as needed to fit personal needs.

My own basket is pretty full, and not photo-ready, but it's very useful!  It has a bit of everything in it, but these are the items that I use most often!  Here is a (partial) list of its contents:

What are some more good things to add to my stash?!  Let me know your must-haves!!

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  1. I'm sure everyone LOVES receiving this! This is also a great idea for Teacher Appreciation Week in spring. Thanks for sharing :)