Sunday, January 31, 2016

30 Questions for Parents and Children

First of all, I was SO excited that my 30 Questions Freebie was selected as one of the ten free downloads on Teachers Pay Teachers last week!!  I posted some more freebies to celebrate new followers and I loved getting feedback that showed that people really appreciated my product.   Years ago, I used to put a question, conversation starter, or quote of some kind in my weekly newsletter to generate meaningful academic conversations between parents and students.  Then, I made this product and started using it.  I send it out at our beginning of the year Meet and Greet and discuss it at our Curriculum/Open House night.  I read through all the comments about the product this week, but this one really touched me!

While I know that parents have meaningful conversations with their children all the time, sometimes kids do so much at school, they just don’t have the capacity to remember some of the specific things that happen each day! We want them to share all of the wonderful stuff that is going on in our classrooms every day, so these prompts are written from the teacher side to help jog students’ memories of what happened at school all day!  I’m working on some additional versions right now that will give parents more conversation starter ideas for the primary kiddos, but also planning on some questions geared toward the intermediate grades.
Click on the image to get my 30 Questions product freebie and be on the lookout for more versions in the future!


  1. I can't wait to go download these questions! Congratulations on getting your product included in the newsletter.