Saturday, November 14, 2015

Make a Difference Mondays starts this week!

A few years ago, I started doing Make a Difference Mondays with my class.  Now, I've updated it so we pick a card on Monday, but we focus on our kindness "task" all week long, instead of only on Monday.  The kids REALLY get into it and it's so sweet to see them think of ways to be kind and help others.  We do it each week until Winter Break.  I keep the cards in a little box.  A student chooses one card (I have them choose without looking, but you could give the kids a choice, too) from the box.  We discuss it and post it on the board, then we work on it all week.  It's a great conversation starter and I love to hear the different ways that they go about their tasks.  So many of them end up writing about it in their journal, thinking of other ways to help and be kind, and branching out beyond school as well.  I also post our tasks in our weekly newsletter every Monday so parents can get it on the fun at home, too.
Pick it up free in my store, just in time for the holiday season!  The product has 10 ready-to-go cards and two blank cards to add your own.

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